Leo-pond life By Thomas Wolski

This is another re-worked print of mine with a theme that developed much later into the colouring process. Originally I was just painting the background of the new Leopard print foreground in a delicious green. Halfway through doing this I thought that the leopard spots reminded my a little bit of lily pads. Its spring time approaching after all so why not just go with my instinct and have some fun; playing with a serious deep base image and stomping all over its face with some vibrant block colours. As the lily pad was my inspiration I’d be stupid not to take it to the extreme and turn my picture into a pond. I’m sure that is what you would do as it’s just more fun. I drew upon an idea I ha

First Hybrid Collection By Thomas Wolski

My first collection which is still ongoing was completely unintentional, purely because I was taking photographs, editing them and printing them. My mind automatically jumped to the conclusion that there was something missing from every image, as beautiful as the pictures are my brain was straight away picturing a completely different scenario happening in the same scene. This is when my photographs became stages or sets for my final product. I like it when there is a lot happening either with a lot of messages in my artwork, my social life or even just walking #strutting down the street, to a Britney track on my Ipod picturing an alternative epic video I have created in my head. Purely ente

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