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‘Bear my Soul’ 10 year anniversary Edition


‘Bear my Soul’ is a collection of teddy bears created to mark the official decade of Thomas Wolski as “The Artist”.


I would create  pieces of artwork on the side for charities in London before I decided to leave my job and focus on my passion full time. As the saying goes….”It's an artists life” always up and down but I suppose that adds to the thrill, the pressure and the creativity.


There have been major up’s and downs, new skills learnt as well as lessons, deaths, surgeries, celebrations, embarrassments, do I buy tea or coffee this week and everything else in-between. I’m still here doing what I adore and I will publish a piece in greater detail on my journey later this year, but for now I want to celebrate with this friendly icon.


‘Bear my Soul’ is a metaphor for my work and a huge part of where it all started. As a child I absolutely loved studying the intro pages of kids books, the inside front and back map pages where the characters lived. Landscapes of where the story took place were beautifully captivating and intricate, books like ‘Rupert the Bear’ and ‘The Wind in the Willows’ were favourites of mine. I was fascinated by the tiny towns and beautiful detail, sometimes making up my own story based on the images.


The Teddy Bear is a globally recognisable symbol that says, I care, I’m vulnerable, give me a cuddle, I’m comforted, warm and innocent, something nostalgic and whimsical. In many cases people treasure and hold on to these for life so I thought it the perfect shape to use. I’m a huge kid and a lot of my work relates back to subtle childhood memories as well as the pieces I pick up along my journey.


The artwork printed on to the piece is a section of the first full scale illustration of this kind that I created in my adult life, it was also a distraction and escape at the time. I would open the diary and just draw pictures of buildings and landscapes, fantasy worlds, plants, rocks and waterfalls. 


Life and art are not that different in that you can choose where to guide the pen and which magical path to take.


Product Details

Dimensions framed in acrylic case 29.5cm x 7.5cm x 21cm

Hand printed, cut and sewn teddy.

Hand signed, engraved  silver/nickel edition tag.

made in London, England.

British artist Thomas Wolski


Please allow up to 14 working days for this to arrive as these treasures are made to order in the UK.

'Bear my Soul' mini Ltd Edition

£490.00 Regular Price
£245.00Sale Price
  • -Avoid positioning in direct sunlight and above sources of heat.


    -Wipe clean only.

  • Each piece is made to order so these items will not be refundable.

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