'Epic' was the fist ever large scale illustration of this style leading the way to freehand illustrated sculptures and more. 'Epic' was orginally made up of 15 A4 pages that all joined together to make this spectacular image. 

They were then scanned, printed and jigsawed together and scanned again to create this one large image. If you look closely to can even see the fine lines where the original pages would have met. A beautiful and large 'Where's Wally' type image of buildings, ships plants, hot air balloons and much more.


Large scale paper print, size: (105 x 88.5cm)


All of the sample and prototype art works are a collection of pieces that have been trialled and experimented with to look at printing, colours, image sizes and some just plain artwork hobby fun. There may be some superficial creasing on the very edges but they are all checked before shipping.

copy of Epic Paper Print Monochrome Large

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