‘GoodBye Yellow Brick Road’ (2021)


This piece was inspired by ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Goodbye yellow brick road’ by Elton John. An absolute dream to create something filled with a different host of images from the movie and the song. Iconic characters, places and objects as well as using the lyrics from the song in picture form. A very fun piece to study and enjoy in a bright sunshine yellow simply using an old reclaimed Manchester mill brick as the base. The concept being “There’s no place like home” yet during the global pandemic I think that most of us would rather be anywhere else and dare to dream. A literal object plucked from my path and realised in to a heavy yet jovial piece of art. Like OZ the famous Elton John title is very random but just wonderful, if you listen to the lyrics and look at the brick you will see horny back toads, the howling old owl in the woods and even a couple of vodka and tonics —a Friday favourite of mine! Don’t take life too seriously as it’s so unpredictable yet truly wonderful, follow your own yellow brick road and lose yourself in life. A truly joy filled illustrated curiosity bursting with positive vibes, I stepped away from my path of black and white to inject some much needed colour.




22.5cm x 10.5cm x 7.5cm (5Kg)


Yellow gloss masonry paint, clear varnish, Original freehand illustration in black UV resistant ink

‘GoodBye Yellow Brick Road’ (2021)