The was the original lamp that was created for the Terrence Higgings Trust charity that was displayed at Christie's auction house London earlier this year (2018) at £14,000. This piece has an unusual finsh that was not in keeping with the sculpted stand that it was placed on so another was created and used for the auction.


This was the first polypropylene version so adorned with a black glass jewel and comlimenting metal stand to finish it off.

 this ‘Genie’-ous creation is a symbol of the invisibility of the potential within. The magic lamp has been layered and layered in gloss paint to give a smooth finish, then sprayed with gold and peeled to give an aged effect, varnished and freehand illustrated in UV resistant ink.


measuring 22cm x 22cm

All of the sample and prototype art works are a collection of pieces that have been trialled and experimented with to look at printing, colours, image sizes and some just plain artwork hobby fun.

It's What's InsideThat Counts

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