A super fun piece of merchandise that has been totally 'Wolski'd'.

Mr & Mrs Potato head were purchased from the Disney store and given a complete make over. The plastic components were all removed, primed and glossed. The base of potato was then freehand illustrated using many many popular and unusual icons from Disney's greatest tales. This was Tom's version of the classic favourite toy and character 'Tom Story'.

The pieces have been placed in the base and are not designed to be removed as this has been created as a toy to be admired as a piece of fun fine art, not to be played with.


20 x 18 x 12cm

Mr Potato Head 2019, Original Illustrated character

£3,500.00 Regular Price
£875.00Sale Price
  • Avoid positioning in direct sunlight and above sources of heat.

    Handling wear soft gloves when possible to avoid losing the glossy lustre.