'Peace out 2020' #upyours (UNFRAMED)

These fine art prints were created especially for the 50 Windows of Creativity art trail currently in Manchester UK. Peace Out 2020 #UpYours is a luxurious piece of fine art and extension of the ‘Wonderful World of Wolski’ installation at Harvey Nichols.


The original oversized extremity, standing just over 14” tall, has been glossed, freehand illustrated and photographed by Wolski. The familiar two-fingers and naming of the piece comprises a double meaning and is a clash between anger and hope:

  • Anger at 2020 for a year we could never have predicted would be so challenging, so basically a f*ck you to that and #UpYours
  • Hope for the year ahead, as even though it has been a tough year we are grateful for the fact we are still here - Peace Out 2020. 


As with all of Tom’s art the purpose is fun, and these pieces ultimately bring a smile to your face when not thinking so deeply about it. The fun form is something to enjoy with lots of original imagery to discover depicted in the illustrations. 


An oversized hand with cheeky fingers (we all love of those! haha) They’re modern, macabre, cheeky and simple with a punk twist.


Giclée print, made to order

Print produced (2020)

Portrait, unframed


308 gsm, 100% cotton, matt finish.

Peace Out! Print Black

  • Avoid positioning in direct sunlight and above sources of heat,

  • These editions are printed to order to keep as pristine as possible so please allow a couple of days extra.

    Avoid positioning in direct sunlight and above sources of heat,