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'The Born Identity' Pride/Progress Flag (2022)


For Pride month this year I decided to create a reimagining of the iconic pride/progress flag. I wanted to do something classic and easy to hang, a very recognisable silhouette with a hypnotic filling. This piece for sure is designed to draw you in and explore.


I know that people think I hate colour as I always work in black and white, but this is not true!


This piece was an absolute joy yet very challenging on the eyes due to staring at certain colours intensely for very long periods of time. An extremely satisfying process to scale the piece and then cross off the colours one by one, a very happy picture to look at now that it is finished.


This image means a lot to many different people across the world, mainly that you are here. Everyone wants to be seen and these colours scream look at me! Pride month isn’t just about dancing around in colour, but about remembering and pushing forward for equality for all.


I have worked with many brands on this topic before such as the iconic black and white Skittles packets and creating the only month long pride ident for ITV, yet this time I wanted it to be pure unfiltered Wolski.


I saw a tweet last week about pride not being brought to you by the sponsors (who do raise huge amounts of awareness and funds by the way) but by drag queens throwing bricks, by Lesbians and queer women taking care of gay men dying of AIDs in the face of international government neglect.


Be proud of yourself whoever you are, be aware, be kind, be progressive and remember!  X


100% cotton photo rag 308, Giclée print

Signed , 59 x 84 cm




Sample sale and prototype pieces are an important part of the creative process, these items can be used to dictate a future collection or just confirm that the ingredients of material, paint, ink and finish work in harmony together.


This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of Wolski, some pieces have graced prestigious auction houses such as Christie’s London and some have never left the studio. First edition prints used for display and colour contrast as well as paper comparison are all part of the sampling process.



'The Born Identity' Pride/Progress Flag (2022) SAMPLE PRINT

£490.00 Regular Price
£245.00Sale Price
  • Avoid placing in direct sunlight and above sources of heat.


  • For refunds or cancellations please notify us within 7 days of receiving your order.

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