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'Lording it' (2019) Illustrated vintage ceramic.

‘Lording it’ (2019)

This ‘divine’ piece was completed Summer 2019 in Wolski’s Manchester studio.

The ‘Sacred heart of Jesus Christ’ bust was originally purchased 2 years prior at an antiques market held at a local and familiar Manchester mill. After a couple of laps around the building sifting through masses of treasure from bygone times and some bartering from a particularly savvy and good friend, 'JC' was destined to join Thomas's cabinet of illustrated curiosities.

This beautifully vintage piece was found in full colour, though faded and in need of a lot of love, imagining that it would have been housed in a prime location, residential home or even a place of worship, it is always wonderful when there is a story but when there is not it is even more wonderful to make up that story yourself.

The ceramic bust was cleaned up, primed and glossed by Thomas not long after purchase just waiting to be adorned when the time was right.

Unusually this piece does have a lot of religious attributes featured in the freehand illustration drawn directly on to the form.

Most of the religious images present were due to inspiration and searching for some new icons to add to Wolski’s signature and ever growing mental stockpile that do show up time and time again in his different works. This truly is a masterpiece as the base itself has such drama and significance, once draped in fine detail it is brought to life and the light whether it natural or not highlights the magic, drawing emotion, stillness and beauty. As with a lot of his illustrated curiosities it is not always the provenance of the piece that adds to the value but the skilled application and thought behind it.

The name ’Lording it’ given by the artist as always is a touch of humour on his part, sometimes ironic and sometimes factual- in this case meaning to ‘Lord it’- act in a way that shows one thinks one is better or more important than (someone).

Dimensions 34 x 29 x 15cm

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