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'Round the Benz' (2019) Illustrated vintage Mercedes grill by Thomas Wolski

This piece was actually purchased in 2016 at a vintage fair in Chorley, UK. The grill was bought for Thomas by his dad after it caught his eye, he knew that he would be able to transform it in to something signature Wolski.

The original article was finished in chrome and a little battered, Tom gave it the make over that was needed. Believing to be originating from a W202/190 Mercedes, this model would have been introduced in the early 1980’s as was Wolski to the world.

Given the appropriate name of ‘Round the Benz’, playing on the term ‘around the bend’ or to be ‘driven round the bed’ meaning to go crazy or describe a slight nuttiness like the artist himself. Looking at the grill pre makeover it looks like the driver was not paying attention when they went around the bend ‘Benz’ as it was a little beaten up.

After a good cleaning a coat of primer and beautiful top coat of matt bright white it was ready to be illustrated, after weeks of work the result being a very intricate border which looks stunning against a white back drop.

You could potentially back light this piece as it is very light weight and easy to mount on to a wall requiring just 2 deep screws and appropriate raw plugs, alternatively playing with light from either above or below would be very dramatic.

Avoid positioning in direct sunlight and above sources of heat.

72cm x 39cm x 9cm


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