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A freehand illustrated Bentley Continental bonnet, the concept was to hang on a wall as a piece of artwork - anything can be Wolski’s 'piece of paper'!

As a site Wolski would pass daily along with the Bentley showroom in Mayfair, the play on words combined the perfect image and medium.

Adorned with the silhouette of the houses of parliament and Elizabeth Tower encasing the famous Big Ben, the original bonnet was housed in Jack Barclay Bentley for summer 2017 on display for the public.


The peice remains a working bonnet and could be attached to a Bentley Continental, and would require clear surface coat to seal the artwork.

Comes with Bentley lever stand on wheels for easy positioning and display.


Not available to buy online, please enquire for more information

Big Ben'tley (2016) | Hand illustrated Bentley Continental Bonnet

  • This piece cannot be purchased online. For more information please contact

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