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Published on March 8, 2016


Who you calling a Gnomo?

Illustrated sculpture created for the Terrence Higgins charity event at Christie's auction house  London.

Video Editing by Pete Lurie Of Pete Lurie Editing.

Published on November 15, 2015


Commissioned large scale Dollar for M restaurants Ltd.

Video Editring by Pete Lurie of Pete Lurie Editing.

Published on May 18, 2014


Art installation for Hackett London.
Video Editing by Pete Lurie of Pete Lurie Editing.

I was asked in early 2014 to transform the windows and the front of Hackett's most iconic concept store in the heart of London's Spitalfields Market.

A makeshift gallery space was created to feature the works of several homegrown talents; the space to be rotated every couple of months.


For the Spring/Summer launch they asked to feature my most intricate piece to date:


'Epic'; my first and largest illustration comprised of 15 A4 pages to jigsaw one large feast for the eyes and imagination; 'Angry horns' as a fiercely iconic silhouette plus two of my painted photographs; 'Holy sh@rk' and 'UPO'.


These pictures were chosen by them from my back catalogue of images, most likely due to their quirky outlook and locality of pictures taken from the world famous Brighton Pier.


The finishing touch to this showcase was the live illustration of the store windows. Using stills from some of my work, and whatever ran through my head at the time, the execution of a live view creation was something very new and exciting. Admittedly this piece was quite difficult yet the final result was refined, 3 dimensional and elegant. An audience was new for me but an immense pleasure to see how captivated they were.

“The window is a really good way for Hackett to support our local arts and artists with the promotion and opportunity to showcase the talent within our windows and stores, on that basis this for Hackett has been a huge success.


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