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This piece just sang to me, particularly as it’s a left hand. Being a lefty is always something I’ve loved, it’s makes me write weirdly and generally people comment on my handling of a pen haha.


In lefties, the parts of the right and left sides of the brain that process language work in better tandem, with only 10-12% of the global population being a lefty I feel proper niche haha.


The word "sinister" actually comes from the Latin word for left.

I don’t have to be worried about being burned at the steak anymore but potential smudging is a persistent threat.


Certain curiosities resonate with me differently at certain times in my journey and this piece is no exception. I have 2 of these ceramics this one in my signature monochrome and the follow up to be a 24ct gold leaf version.


It can either sit flat on a surface clutching at the base or mounted on the wall, perhaps this grappling silhouette is the perfect icon for overcoming some kind of struggle or maybe you’re on your way up? Interpret as you will, I’m still climbing and I’m sure there’s a long way to go. It’s all about the journey and travel is a great way to discover yourself.


-Ceramic hollow cast

-Acrylic over water based primer

-Original freehand illustration in UV black ink

-Dimensions 20cm x 15cm x 9cm

-Signed 1/1

‘Helping Hand’

  • -Avoid placing in direct sunlight and above sources of heat.

    -Wipe clean only using a dry cloth.

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