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Lucky (2016) Lucky the ultimate fairground icon is a vintage galloper, called this as traditionally carved in the galloping pose. These stunning wooden sculptures were a staple, fixed in position to a ‘merry go round’ aimed at children due to their size. During the 1800’s and early 1900’s the fairground was a magical pot of cutting-edge technology and fun, at the heart of this was ‘the galloper’. Tom named this piece ‘Lucky’ as he managed to source it in from an antiques dealer in Shropshire, England, the piece was in a poor state of repair and had obviously seen better days. However, he could see the beauty behind it locked away in the old barn and decided to give it a new lease of life. Lucky was how he felt to have a piece of history, something he would spend over a year toiling away on, imagining where it had been and who had been on it? The fairground is very much about the show, as is Wolski! He grew up in Southport one of the UK’s most famous Victorian seaside towns, so he was no stranger to the sight of the carousel at the top of the marine lake heading towards the seafront. As a lover of history and beautiful things it was a lot of work but also a privilege to restore the piece in such a way. A labour of love as once the restoration was complete it was time to begin the real work, months and months of freehand illustration directly on to the surface. Most of the time he spent on the floor tackling the angles with patience and in a lot of discomfort. When a piece takes as long as this (over 12 months) you do feel a strong connection, not quite romantically but you cannot help but fall in love. Feeling ‘Lucky’ to have found it in the first place, to rescue and bring back to life. There is something quite wonderful about the amount of contact it has had over the decades, an energy as there have been so many emotions involved - the original sculptor handling and carving the form, the people who have sat on it and experienced the joy, myself the artist and the people now who get to once again experience this luxurious hand-me-down.


Current Location: Manchester UK

Wood, Antique white gloss, illustrated in lightfast UV resistant black ink.

Height:138cm Length:130cm Width:35cm Weight: 22kg Inclusive of certificate 1/1 signed by the artist. Collection of photographs taken during illustration and refurbishment.



Lucky (2017) Restored Carousel Horse

  • This piece cannot be purchased online. For more information please contact

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