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Thomas Wolski at MIMI.C Showcase for London fashion week (LFW 2012) Club Rose

Creative director Milda is originally from Lithuania and has a lovely etherial curiosity about her, she believes in”beauty”- her dream to create it. a wonderful philosophy that I totally get and second.

A fantastic venue, Club Rose near to Marble Arch for London based demi-couture ladies wear designer Milda Cergelyte to show off her latest work. It was her first London Fashion Week preview, showing lots of colours, fabrics and light comfortable looking creations. I suppose I agree that “everything in life” is a great topic for a collection however very tricky to keep a clear uniformity with so many ideas, this was apparent yet interesting. I loved the lizard eye retro spectacles,though unfortunately they did not relate to any of the other pieces.

Good Seeing Mr Mark Wright ( TOWIE ) too at the after party for MIMI.C, there were many familiar faces who turned up to support and enjoy ( LFW 2012 ). A full house and a very happy audience, nothing wrong with having a little shimmy afterwards to celebrate a successful night.

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