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'Jag-you-are Spotless' (2019) By Thomas Wolski

‘Jag-you-are spotless’ (2019)

This gorgeous little morsel was created really to show it’s aesthetic beauty and form of movement.

This quintessentially British icon has been freehand illustrated by Wolski, not because he is such a car enthusiast more so because of what these attributes represent and signify. An upscaled version of the car front figurehead ‘leaper’ used on the motors being the base, symbolising strength and speed inspiring the detailed covering.

A fierce and sleek feline in motion moulded from aluminium and then glossed and adorned to perfection. The jovial nod being in the title as always ‘Jag-you-are spotless’, as the Jaguar is known for its spotted coat and in this case the spots have been exchanged for Tom’s signature monochrome jacket.

The car manufacturer originating from Blackpool, England sharing the same stretch of beach where Wolski grew up just a hop, skip and jump away in Southport. He remembers fondly a model of a Jaguar XJ220 that his older brother had, Tom’s micro machines were awesome but he wanted nothing more than to unscrew his brother’s car from the display base and race it all over the house. This was not going to happen!

This curio instantly caught his eye when he saw it, not only because of nostalgia but it’s just the perfect masculine piece for display, one of those characters that you just want to stroke ‘but hands off!’ A timeless icon to be admired and celebrated as a piece of history with a modern twist.

32 x 16 x 6 cm


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