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Thomas Wolski Lithographs from the archives

Looking through some of my old folders of work I came across some simple lithographs. Funny… however I was really happy to see them, it has inspired me to do a whole new series of pieces using this idea. Not my usual style at all but I love to shake things up a bit, the core of my new work has come from seeing one literally. An apple core that is! watch this space.

I did a short study in to the life of Henri de Toulouse Lautrec (1864-1901) a particular favourite of mine, this because of his ability to pick out the most obvious details and strong lines of his subjects. Basically the parts that give someone or something its character.

He was a french painter/ Printmaker/ draughtsman and illustrator, who’s immersion in to the colourful theatrical life of late 1800′s Paris made him one of the greatest post-impressionist artists of the period. I suppose the idea of this now makes me think of the fact that I never miss a party and the chance to bring extra colour and drama in to my life.

However unlike poor old Henri I hope to surpass the age of 36 at which he died, very sad but filled with a host of health problems through his life he still managed to cement a great name for himself. His work caught my eye as it is fun colourful and not too serious ( ME?). I thought I would have a look at the modern Moulin Rouge (Baz Luhrumann’s 2001) VS the old day.

La Goulue (the Glutton or Louise Webber) was the Queen of Montmartre in her day and “THE” first can-can dancer, the highest paid entertainer of her day. She worked at the Moulin Rouge, immortalized by Henri in his work as she was a favourite of his. I took this and used one of his images creating my own very “scatty” oil painting and inked acetate cover. The effect for me is so strong, so I decided to do a remake using the Current day movie poster. This featuring two great actors of our day “Nicole Kidman” & “Ewan McGregor”. By picking out only the key features this style creates an insanely romantic image either as a painting or a slightly more comic poster.

I had to share as they gave me a lot of joy, this is for sure a base for my future collections so look out………….like I wouldn’t be shouting about it anyway haha!

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