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6 top tips: for creating works of art

Tip 1: Never doubt your initial decision, the worst case is that the piece does not turn out how you plan or expect it to. This can also be a wonderful thing as you are subliminally creating something new.

Tip 2: Be different, you do not have to justify your work as this can be up to the viewer to decide. Sometimes as an artist it is difficult to make sense of was has been created, in time the answer will present itself. Funnily looking at the below images, I painted these years ago when I dislocated my shoulder. I was particularly lonely at the time, I hadn’t been living in London very long and I was off work for weeks. It was February so the weather was suitably grim and miserable, looking back at these it is so clear that even though I was sad and relying on one arm my work was colourful bright and positive. I guess this was me trying to create something positive to keep me uplifted, I still get a great feeling from these.

I like to call it ”Working backwards”. If I am unsure of my reasoning behind a painting for example, I can put it aside and come back to it at a later date. It could be years, however looking back at what was happening in my life at the time can allow me to understand my work better.

Tip 3: Working in a box! working in an environment or atmosphere that is confined or oppressive, this can allow your creative mind to break out and produce something wonderful. I am not saying lock yourself under the stairs “Harry Potter” style, just that if your working space is limited work with what you have and give your artistic mind the space in your head to roam free. Deep I know! (refer to Epic?)link.

Tip 4: Be bothered! Go out in the rain, make your own light, walk that distance, inconvenience yourself and spend money. Sculpt your destiny. Too many people blame their surroundings for delaying their projects.

Tip 5: Being a professional? This means knowing what you want to achieve, whether you have mastered your medium and tools or not,”You will”. This can result in something completely different which is often better.

Tip 6: Be Proud! As an artist I feel very lucky that I have another way in which to communicate my feelings, whether I know what they are or not.

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