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First Hybrid Collection By Thomas Wolski

My first collection which is still ongoing was completely unintentional, purely because I was taking photographs, editing them and printing them. My mind automatically jumped to the conclusion that there was something missing from every image, as beautiful as the pictures are my brain was straight away picturing a completely different scenario happening in the same scene. This is when my photographs became stages or sets for my final product.

I like it when there is a lot happening either with a lot of messages in my artwork, my social life or even just walking #strutting down the street, to a Britney track on my Ipod picturing an alternative epic video I have created in my head. Purely entertaining myself.

I love contrast and humour, sometimes because of this my work can be misunderstood. My obsession with word association helps as this features in the titles of many pieces referring to the scenario, spelling it out in black and white so to speak. It just makes me laugh, my friends and I spin out these daft lines on a regular basis, for example stop mauling me= Maula Abdul. I love that I can look at a lamp-post outside a building in the street and view it as a gumball machine or the behind of a cow and not think EW! Instead, there could be milkshake coming from those udders.

It is for sure complete fun though the colouring process can sometimes be a little laborious; I have to build up many layers of white as a base over my photograph to allow the further layers of block colour to sit and stand out. Totally worth it for the finished result as this completely transforms the whole mood and purpose of the photo. It is very lucky however that there has been no such invention that I know of that can produce a musical picture, I would feel incredibly sorry for any viewer that would have to endure a theme tune created by moi to compliment the

artwork. Perhaps something to look forward to?

Probably the most interesting part for me is viewing the reactions of my audience. I find it fascinating to see what people like and dislike and what their take or interpretation is of a piece. I do have favourites and some that I am not as excited by, but nobody wants to sleep with every piece they make.

A friend of mine has a particular favourite which is ‘Got Milk…Shake’ I asked him why and he simply replied, I’m in love with cows! So there you go maybe I’m not so random after all.

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