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Is there a plan? blah blah blah……..

I can picture this now! Me sat at a laptop looking out of the window of my NYC apartment, screaming at the mad cat lady on my stoop…. oh no that is Carrie Bradshaw. Im actually dribbling over some organic cherry liquorice with my eyes glued to the Mac and the haunting sound of Nicole Shcerzinger’s poison on repeat from Pineapple dance studios drilling through my skull.

Feeling particularly deep today as I found something that has inspired me to create a new piece based on my expert eavesdropping. It has also inspired me to think about the future and make a few changes. As the art work in question is to follow I will save the story as it will be more appropriate once the piece is finished and you can see it. It is funny though how having one small conversation with a proper friend can turn your world upside down, its like therapy but free and you get criticized to your face. A series of recent events have had the brain box pulsating on over time, scary, exciting, fun and stressful thoughts contributing to the changes of the coming months.

Nothing quite as dramatic and flamboyant as a butterfly to emerge from a chrysalis, more like a current me being thrown in to a giant cocktail shaker mixed with several appealing options and a few litres of grey goose!

You’re never too tied down that you have to remain unhappy or too scared to risk being brave, my parents are great examples of people who kind of do what they want with a philosophy of never regretting anything that makes them smile! Well I’m referring to an edited version “Gulp!” I feel a self made wind of change -not rude, heading my way and I’m very excited about it. Possibly my waffliest and most nonsensical post to date, however I know what I’m going on about and it will all come clear. Keep an eye out for my next piece and sometimes is great to write down random things as you never know when they will present themselves to you again.

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