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Stonewall Summer party 2013

Well hopefully a leopard can change its spots! This was the piece that I donated to the annual Stonewall charity fundraiser Held at the Roof Gardens in Kensington, a dreamily beautiful venue. A full roof top with fountains, live flamingos, gardens and mediterranean style villa buildings and balconies.

It was here last year and for a fantastic cause ( There were a few experiences and a couple of pieces of art up for silent auction to raise money for the foundation, I as always was very proud and priviledged to be affiliated with such a wonderful charity.

There was a fabulous outdoor seafood barbecue and beautiful fireworks display, as always the Stonewall team were super organised, friendly, welcoming and wonderfully turned out. When we came to binge on the scrummy fayre I was seated next to Evan Davis from BBC Radio 4 and Dragons den, with his partner and a good friend of mine Nadim Haji. He was a joy to chat with, always nice to have a little bit of banter over dinner. I did very much appreciate the twitter shout out the following morning from him.

The rest of the evening was filled with dancing and overall jolliness.

My piece of work was very well received, I thought it a very appropriate title for such an occasion and a symbol of hope for people in a community that is not always treated kindly. It can be viewed online and at my next exhibition, this was its first public airing so I always enjoy a positive response as you would!

I hope to work closer with the charity moving forward, they are great people and really do make a difference to others.

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