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Platform 6 adidas limited edition sneaker auction

What a fantastically random evening with my 3 loves: Art, Vodka and Sneakers.

Courtesy of Stonewall UK I was asked along to check out a fabulous exhibition of delightfully creepy and erotic works of art. The main feature was the room; adorned with limited edition Stan Smiths on podiums, all of these pieces up for auction and pimped out to heck by the likes of Elton John, Naomi Campbell, Kylie, Kate Moss, Sharleen Spiteri, Dawn Mellor and many more.

Platform 6 (aka P6) put on a great night at Barge house OXO tower wharf on London’s south bank. It was like being on the set of a SAW movie but in a good way with dirty walls, floors and well, everything; narrow staircases and random lighting. It was bang on for the occasion and took my breath away though that may have been the damp whiff in the air. There was an Absolut vodka bar and it was of course buzzing in there. One of the things that I liked about viewing the sculptures before getting to the adidas auction was that the building was so vast you could really be alone to view and interpret the horny figures; all wonderfully finished and impactful, they truly did inspire. Sexy rabbits, crazy cupids, unmade beds, TV screens showing moving body parts and clever lighting added to the fear and excitement of the ark sized shed. I must admit the drinks did help!

The adidas Stan Smiths that were up for auction were very impressive actually. Naomi Campbell’s had the virgin Mary stitched to the tongues with gold leg bones inserted from the knee down crossed over in to each shoe. Kate Moss had her name in pink neon writing over the laces and Elton John’s were beautifully hand sewn all over in bright (maybe had a couple of pills) first colours. Some had trees growing out of them and there were even a pair that looked like an Asian wedding- yes a whole wedding haha.

The evening was a weird success and to be honest something very different which is what I loved. I was joined by one of my partners in crime London socialite Sara Di Carlo, bombed in Burberry and we had a hoot. I wore my trademark adidas trucker as a salute and she looked suitably stylish. If this location comes up as a possible party venue, exhibition space or pop up bar it must be seen.

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