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'Beefed Up' (Inter-cow-tinental drift) (2014)

Beefed up' (Inter-cow-tinental drift)

had to be tackled as I would any other project; by igniting the brief and creating something discretely obvious.

A disconcerting, yet good humoured, view mixed with the inner desire to razzle dazzle.

Being presented with such a stunning space and size allowed me to push through a smaller scale of previous design and allowed me to incorporate as much as I would like. I always try to demand a bit more of the viewer thus making my pieces more engaging.

'Beefed up' is a powerful combination of ideas; each staying strong to what they offer the eye. A regal yet sympathetic colour palette remains in keeping with the style of the restaurant whilst allowing the piece to jump from the wall and break free of it. 'Beefed up' is a headliner not a backing dancer.

I used an abstract and totally stripped down cattle print to swim around the canvas; the bovine centre piece being an almost excavated version of an animal made up by the 6 countries where the restaurant's cuisine is from. Parts of the design offer a slight nod to these particular countries such as the details in the ink work from Japan with a 'Namiki-ish' twist and tone.Why not make a silhouette within a silhouette? I did not want the piece to scream 'COW' even though it subtly does.

The background is alive-stock with hot spots featuring my signature illustrated work, iconic buildings and attributes taken from the city of London intertwined with my quirky random imagery. These parts automatically add another dimension, or window rather, to the piece poking through a glamorously distressed foreground.This piece certainly demands a revisit and continued contemplation.

'Beefed up' is another part of the interior that will live and breathe, contributing to the world of M. It is in keeping with its home but also a reason not to use the word restaurant so loosely.

'Beefed Up' Thomas Wolski Art Work M Restaurants

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