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'Are you taking the Mickey?' For the Terrence Higgins Trust at Christie's auction house

‘Are you taking the Mickey?’ - is one half of a 3D nod to the most famous illustrator of all time. The piece celebrates the 90 year anniversary of one of the most recognisable characters on the planet, inspired by pop culture and childhood memories, and part of a brand that is often synonymous with LGBT culture.

The piece has been entirely illustrated by hand, bursting with Wolski’s characteristic, iconic and instantly identifiable imagery.

Don’t “take the mick”, just “take the Mickey”!

His double act partner and girlfriend ‘Mini Minnie’ (2019) is a stand alone piece, and is not available at this auction.” But available online at

The piece is estimated to go for around £7,500 on the night 'Monday 15th April 2019' at the star studded event in London.

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