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When you find the work you were meant to do, it does not feel like work.

The above is a favourite line of mine, and a true one.

always being creative and colourful has been a passion of mine, making models, getting messy,painting, illustrating and colouring. These things have always brought me a lot of joy. I spent several summers in my neighbours conservatory with my chums constructing a theme park from cardboard boxes, salvaged from the local shop so material costs were minimal.The rides and attractions only suitable for the tiny terrapins that came from inside the kinder eggs, but it looked great nevertheless.

‘Get Set’ was always a regular gift in the Wolski house, candle making kits or spraying ink through a stencil I was well chuffed. Nothing better than making a huge crash scene on the dining room table with my artsy tools and crafty bits.

Nowadays things have somewhat changed! I still wake up at the crack of dawn however without a bowl of Rice Krispies and Count Duckula, but a fresh coffee and a big stretch (creek). I truly look forward to getting started in the morning, either with Dave Berry & Lisa Snowdon on Capital or some serious time with my back catalogue of random tunes on the mac. knowing that I will be continuing with a piece that is not finished or ready to kick off a new one I am well giddy. It’s because I can do whatever I want with my paper, canvas or photograph, I now know how to salvage a mistake as best I can. Have we not all mixed up our plasticine colours at some point?

I gave up my dream of being a pop star to commit to colour, it is far less critical. I was always an artist but never believed in myself enough to make it I guess what people would call a profession, work or a job, for me it is just life and I love it. I left my apartment this morning to go to the gym #dallywiththeweights and all that I could think about was getting home to finish what I had started, I know that this is what I should be doing and again I love it, I love the pleasure it gives me and also other Peoples reactions whether they like it or not.

I would like to conclude by saying a huge thank you.

Thank you air fix for your tricky plastic cut outs and impossible glue scenarios. Thank you plaster of Paris for your reliable not so bubble free moulding kits and thank you ‘get set’, for the candle that lives at home with the words OL 40 on it that I made it for my pops’ birthday.If someone does come across a small yellow wax D please hand it in, this ran away approximately 19 years and 364 days ago. I can honestly say that 100% of the time things do not turn out how I picture them, but who cares? The fun is in the making.

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