LFW 2013 The Sex & London City ‘Intimate Affair’ Relaunch Party

Sex & London City was re-branded last month from a pink and fluffy blog into an oh-so-serious online magazine by Nixalina Watson. Featuring events, love, sex, beauty, the latest trend reports, interviews and fashion. The event was co hosted with My New Best Friends Management headed by the wonderful Karena Sedgwick aka K-Seg and in association with Ann Summers and Dr Lipp. The do was romantically titled the ‘Intimate Affair’ and aptly held on Valentines Day. American pop star Kady Z came over from across the pond to join us for the night; her new track ‘Crashing Down’ played for the first time in the UK. The press section included Dr Lipp – the original nipple balm for lips, who were runnin

6 top tips: for creating works of art

Tip 1: Never doubt your initial decision, the worst case is that the piece does not turn out how you plan or expect it to. This can also be a wonderful thing as you are subliminally creating something new. Tip 2: Be different, you do not have to justify your work as this can be up to the viewer to decide. Sometimes as an artist it is difficult to make sense of was has been created, in time the answer will present itself. Funnily looking at the below images, I painted these years ago when I dislocated my shoulder. I was particularly lonely at the time, I hadn’t been living in London very long and I was off work for weeks. It was February so the weather was suitably grim and miserable, loo

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