Like Father, Like Son

My dad had put it in to a frame and it looked great, definitely something for the wall in the ‘bar’ room, very kitsch with an amateur yet interested and focussed edge. There is no doubt that my artiness has come from my family and we all practised it at some point as a hobby. The similarity between my pops’ work and mine is probably because we both love detail and these types of images hold so many different parts. Its not the way that we execute the work but the thought process behind it that we like; the big scene, small characters lost in the drama and the unusual lines and textures. The cover art was originally drafted by Roger Dean who actually did 11 of the groups covers, this particul

When you find the work you were meant to do, it does not feel like work.

The above is a favourite line of mine, and a true one. always being creative and colourful has been a passion of mine, making models, getting messy,painting, illustrating and colouring. These things have always brought me a lot of joy. I spent several summers in my neighbours conservatory with my chums constructing a theme park from cardboard boxes, salvaged from the local shop so material costs were minimal.The rides and attractions only suitable for the tiny terrapins that came from inside the kinder eggs, but it looked great nevertheless. ‘Get Set’ was always a regular gift in the Wolski house, candle making kits or spraying ink through a stencil I was well chuffed. Nothing better than ma

The Asian Awards 2013 The Grosvenor Hotel

One of the best evenings for a very long time, all in aid of a fantastic cause -’Arms around The Child’, The Asian Awards beneficial partner. AATC works to provide a loving home, medical treatment, protection, respect and education for children who have lost their parents to AIDS or who are living in adversity including sexual abuse, neglect or exploitation. This was a night spent with some of Asia’s most revered names from the world of business and entertainment, and also some very popular and well known British personalities. There was a speech by Olympic organiser Lord Coe, George Osborne and a video link from Prime Minister David Cameron, as he could not attend

London Fashion Week LFW SS14

So myself and A-list fashion designer Bunmi Olaye formerly of Bunmi KoKo jumped on the band wagon heading to one of the first shows of fashion week. A vile day outside however bold colours of the spring summer showcasing inside the stunning Freemason hall in Covent garden. House of evolution sponsored by private members club of the year Home house were presenting collections from Josh & Nicol and Hema Kaul. Mini bottles of fizz and Snog frozen yoghurts were flowing alongside the pre show excitement in the the reception hall. It was fantastic to see how much of a following my long time friend Bunmi has, after herself showing at LFW on more than one occasion she received a lot of attention. We

Installation & illustration of Hackett London store windows

I was asked in early 2014 to transform the windows and the front of Hackett's most iconic concept store in the heart of London's Spitalfields Market. A makeshift gallery space was created to feature the works of several homegrown talents; the space to be rotated every couple of months. For the Spring/Summer launch they asked to feature my most intricate piece to date: 'Epic'; my first and largest illustration comprised of 15 A4 pages to jigsaw one large feast for the eyes and imagination; 'Angry horns' as a fiercely iconic silhouette plus two of my painted photographs; 'Holy sh@rk' and 'UPO'. These pictures were chosen by them from my back catalogue of images, most likely due to their quirky

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